20 February 2008

Lupe Fiasco at Occidental!?

Chicago-born rapper Lupe Fiasco is coming to Occidental College next week. Lupe's like, really famous. He just won a Grammy. He was on Ellen last week. He was MTV's Artist of the Week (as if that's a great honor anymore). His most recent album is barely two months old and he's pretty much bff with Kanye.

How, may you ask, was Occidental able to get Lupe to even think about coming here? Our fabulous Thorne Hall seats only 835 and general tickets are selling for $10. Recently Lupe has played at Ohio State and Yale, big schools with big budgets. The answer to the question...Julian Mitchell is magic. Julian, a senior here at Oxy, has a knack with getting the best people to come play here. Last semester we had an awesome krump dance-off with Tommy the Clown and it was awesome.

Mega props to Julian, Black Student Alliance, KOXY, and everyone involved with getting Lupe to come to Oxy. It's going to be badass.