03 March 2008

Why is Claremont's Food SO MUCH BETTER!?

On Saturday night I went to Claremont, CA to visit my friend Galen who goes to Scripps. Pomona threw their annual "Smiley 80s" dance party which was really fun. (Smiley is a dorm apparently, not just a dorky name.) Even better than dancing the night away with an aged 80s cover band, however, was dinner.

Students at the 5 C's (Claremont-McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Scripps, Pomona, Pitzer) can eat at whichever school they choose. On Saturday we ate at Mudd, but as I understand it the dining halls are pretty much the same and they have rotating special stations.

Some highlights:
  • There was sushi. FRESH sushi. Being made while you watched. (This station rotates around. On Friday it was at Scripps.)
  • The best veggie pizza I've ever had at any school anywhere.
  • Really awesome plates. Like, I would have them in my house.
  • 4 flavors of ice cream, plus two flavors of soft-serve fro-yo. And toppings.
  • PIE.
  • The biggest selection of the best cereals ever. Oh, the cereal!
  • All the disposable utensils and cups and stuff are totally eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  • A rotating special station. Saturday was Indian. Obviously not real Indian, but delicious nonetheless.
  • So many different kinds of pastas and raviolis and tortellinis.
  • VERY vegetarian friendly.
  • An awesome salad bar.
  • Lots and lots of fruit

I would get SO fat.

I know my frame of reference isn't huge as I've only actually eaten there once, but it was just so wonderful that I had to write about it.

Oxy's food isn't that bad. I've DEFINITELY had much worse. Oxy's food just gets incredibly monotonous, and I don't even live on campus. Plus, the main Marketplace isn't even OPEN on Saturday!! They get SUSHI!?

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Jim H. said...

The plural of tortellini is tortelleni; likewise ravioli. I do not know what the plural of sushi is. It seems to be a collective noun, and I've never heard anybody say 'sushis.'

I know, I know, I should just shut up, but some of us old English teachers simply can't resist.