13 April 2008

Get People to Like You!

Friends, I have spent pretty much my entire life trying to get people to like me on some level or another. That's what we're all trying to do! Here are some things I've found especially helpful when trying to get people to like you.

1. Bake. You cannot go wrong with baking. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies (from scratch), or homemade honey whole-wheat bread, or homemade brownies (yum) or a grapefruit meringue pie. Whether for a stranger, a classmate, a friend, or a roommate, baking will always make people like you, at least until their cookie is gone.

2. Leave little notes for people. When they go to the bathroom write in their planner "Hey, buddy, hope you have a fab-u-lous day!" It will make them smile. Hopefully.

3. Remember their birthday. Less difficult in the days of Facebook now, but they will appreciate it nonetheless. Send an e-card!! People really like that.

4. Speaking of e-cards, e-cards are wonderful. To congratulate on a promotion, to send get-well wishes, to say happy birthday, or just to say Hello! e-cards are great. Even better when they are unexpected!

5. GUM. Gum is a GUARANTEED people pleaser. Carry gum with you everywhere. When you go for a piece, offer one to everyone around you! Casually, of course. People love gum!! Plus, you will be minty fresh, and no one likes someone with bad breath.

Follow these tips, and you'll be the most popular kid in school!!!

This could be you!!!!

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Jim H. said...

what's the best e-card site? we'd send you one but are so technophobic we don't know where to begin...