15 February 2008

Top Five Presidents of All Time

In honor of President's Day, here are the five most awesomest presidents since 1776.

5. James Madison was the 4th President. He was the shortest President- 5'4". Guess how tall yours truly is? 5'4". PARTY HEIGHT!

4. Grover Cleveland was the 24th President. He was also the only President to get married in the White House. I don't think she was as hot as that supermodel Nick Sarkozy just married, though.

Nah, I'd say they're comparable in hotness.

3. Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th President. He is like G-Dub because he didn't win the popular vote in the 1876 election. Samuel J. Tilden won the popular vote. All the other guys who won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote went on to eventually become President. Poor Al G. and Sammy T.

2. Gerald Ford was the 38th President. He was not elected to any office but followed Nixon's resignation. He threw his daughter's prom at the White House. Badass.

1. Warren G. Harding was the 29th President. He bet all the china in the White House during a single card game. He lost. Damn you, Harding! Those are my tax dollars!

For more fun facts, go here!

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Happy President's Day!!!!! Enjoy your long weekend. If you don't have a long weekend, I'm sorry for rubbing it in.


Jim H. said...

What, no William Henry Harrison? Ol' Tippicanoe?

Jim H. said...

Also, as a historian, you may want to double-check your facts. I think three presidents were wed while in office.

Rob Hardy said...

Hi, Karin. I'm here via your dad's blog. I really like Grover Cleveland, too. His wife, Frances, was beautiful. (She was also about 25 years younger than he was.) But my favorite factoid is that he ws a bachelor when he entered office, and asked his lesbian younger sister to serve as his First Lady until he was married. Rose Elizabeth Cleveland. In the Minnesota Historical Society, there are love letters she wrote to the future wife of Minnesota's first Episcopal bishop, Bishop Whipple. After Bishop Whipple's death, the two women lived together in Italy, and are buried there together, in Bagni di Lucca. End of dissertation.

Karin said...

I stand corrected. Cleveland was the only president to get married in the White House.

Jim H. said...

If it's true that Mr. Cleveland was the only sitting president to be married in the White House, then your original post is accurate and I failed to read it carefully.

To allay confusion, it might be better to say something like: "Cleveland was one of three presidents to marry while in office, but the only one to have the wedding in the White House."

Also, I think Rab's juicy factoid could turn into a paper!