12 February 2008

Pinkberry: Yogurt of the Present

I love Pinkberry. I mean, I love Pinkberry.

For those not living in Southern California or parts of New York City, a description of Pinkberry is in order.

Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt "reinvented" (according to the website). There is one original flavor, a green tea flavor, and a brand new coffee flavor. I really only like the original flavor. A medium with three toppings costs $4.95 and it is delicious. Pinkberry offers many toppings including...
-Captain Crunch
-Fruity Pebbles
-Chocolate chips
-Yogurt chips
-Cookies 'n Creme (Oreo)

and more!! Sometimes they have seasonal toppings as well. This fall they had pomegranate. Delish.

Usually my Pinkberry toppings of choice are strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate chips. The key to creating the most delectable Pinkberry possible is in the mixing. If you simply eat your Pinkberry the way they give it to you, you'll eat all the toppings first and when you get to the bottom you are left with plain yogurt which is not nearly as yummy. So you MUST mix up your Pinkberry!! It's tricky at first as you are trying not to let any toppings fall. (It's quite upsetting if they do.) But with some practice and skill, you'll be able to mix your Pinkberry to its utmost potential with few flicks of the wrist.

Whether the celebrities know the secret to the best Pinkberry, I cannot be sure. Yes, celebrities LOVE Pinkberry and many have been photographed outside of Pinkberrys all over LA. Kate Bosworth is a fan, and even Mike Tyson!!

If you are lucky enough to live in the Southland and you have not had Pinkberry yet, I pity you and I will pray for your soul. If you venture to Los Angeles or New York, seek one out! And beware of the slew of imitation yogurt shops that have appeared since the birth of Pinkberry. They are not as good!!


windo said...

and don't forget that chewy, doughy, gelatinous ball of mochi. they started offering that as a topping after red mango and the other tart yogurt knock-offs here in so cal, including yogurtland, and the blatant rip-off, kiwiberry. this place even copied PB down to the neon, ambience and clear lucite ikea-style furniture.

Jim H. said...

Yogurt chips on yogurt?

I had never heard of Pinkberry. That's probably because:

a) never been a big yogurt fan
b) live in the cosseted, conservative (culinarily speaking) midesection of this continent

So thanks for broadening my yogurt horizons. Maybe Pinkberry will open a store next to the new Trader Joe's in St. Paul.