06 February 2008

Top Ten Reasons to Date a Middle Child

10. It is a known scientific fact that middle children always get the best genes. The first child gets the genes that don't really know what's going on. By the time the second child rolls around, the genes have figured out the perfect way to come together to create an amazing child. By the third child, they're tired and couldn't care less. Thus the middle child is the perfect mix of the best qualities of both parents.

9. The middle child won't care what you dress like because chances are he or she dressed ridiculously as a child because of hand-me-downs.

8. Oldest children get angry when they don't get attention. Youngest children beg for attention. The middle children don't care about the attention, so you can usually get away with talking about yourself all the time. But the middle child will be so cool that you'll want to give him/her all your attention anyway.

7. Middle children know how to share. They won't make you pay for dinner every time and they will let you borrow their toothbrush if you really need to.

6. Middle children are peaceful. They are in the middle. Neutral. Like Switzerland.

5. Middle children are used to sharing people with other people (i.e. parents with siblings), so they'll let you hang out with your friends and they won't get lonely. (Besides, they have lots of friends anyway because they're so cool.)

4. Madonna was a middle child. She's hot.

3. Middle children are funny.

2. Bill Gates was a middle child. He's rich.

And the Number One Reason to Date a Middle Child: Middle children are better in bed.

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