06 February 2008

Why Can't We All Just Get Along??

Yesterday I voted in the California primary election. I "Baracked" the vote, if you will. Yes, I voted for Obama, but not because I'm anti-Hillary...I'm just more pro-Obama.

It makes me feel very sad when Barack and Hillary bash on each other. I know, I know, that's how the political process works at this point, but it's still crappy. When it comes down to it, Clinton and Obama are on the same side!! Why must they fight!?? Why must we all fight!? Obama doesn't think the lack of decisiveness in the party is a real issue at the moment. “I think it would be a problem if Senator Clinton’s voters disliked me or my voters disliked Senator Clinton,” he said. “I don’t think that’s the case. I think our voters are passionate about bringing about change.”

YES!! Man, I love you Barack.

So how about whoever ends up winning the nomination picks the other as his/her running mate, and then the Democrats are unbeatable!! While McCain is the least frightening of the Republican candidates, I still do not want to see him in the White House. In order in ensure a victory in November, our party HAS to come together at some point. It doesn't have to be right now, but it should be relatively soon. I think it will happen...eventually. But we need to think about it. And get along! And stop fighting! I like Hillary, I do! I like Obama more but it's not as if I won't be thrilled if Hillary is the next president.

We Democrats just have to make sure that whoever wins the nomination will also win the presidency.

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frontrowseats said...

I think it would be productive if Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton would do two things:

1. Lay out some specifics regarding how they would tackle the major issues (health insurance, economy, the wars). Even subtle differences could be important. They should even agree on some things!

2. Talk about why he or she might be a better leader, given the domestic political context (that is, extremism on both ends of the spectrum) and the international context (that is, wars and genocide and terrorists). Aside from specific positions, what is it about the leadership skills or style that is right for the historical moment?

Bush, of course, lied ("I'm a uniter") about his leadership style (and some other things), but I hope that Hillary and Barack wouldn't resort to that.