09 April 2008


If I hear someone say "Cali" one more time, I'm going to drop kick the ugly, annoying chihuahua that chases me down my alley into that person's face.

"Cali" is what you name your calico cat or call your baby who's real name is Callista or something. Cali does not mean California. At least not in California it doesn't.

I don't mean to sound like a snob and I am not trying to pretend to be native to CA or anything...but seriously. Give me a BREAK.

Please. If you decide to come to California, do not call it Cali. If you do, you will sound like an idiot. And you SHOULD come to California! California is wonderful! It is a great place!

Besides, if you're coming to California chances are you're coming to Los Angeles or going to the Bay Area (San Francisco.) So, to avoid any confusion, just say "I'm going to LA." or "I'm going to the Bay Area/San Francisco." This way you don't run the risk of sounding like an idiot.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. I hope you learned something.

Go Dodgers!

PS: Just because Hollister says Cali doesn't mean squat. Do you know where Hollister, CA is?? Yes, it's a real city. It is in the Central Valley, aka the middle of nowhere. They have lots of gangs in Hollister.

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Jim H. said...

I have heard some sportscasters from other places refer to Minnesota as Minnie or Mini. They are trying to sound clever or in-the-know; or it's a put-down. Either way, it's dumb.

Was this post inspired by a recent visit to Los Angeles by some midwesterners, one of whom is related to the author?