07 April 2008

How the Internet Has Changed My Life

1. Fantasy baseball. I guess there was Fantasy Baseball before the Internet, but who wants to do that? That would take for-ev-er.

2. YouTube videos. Try "Snake regurgitating hippo" or "shark attack slow motion." HOURS of fun.

3. TV online! Namely House, 30 Rock, and 24.

4. Facebook. Dur. I would be in touch with many fewer people without the wonders of the Facebook.

5. Wikipedia/Google. We used to have to look up stuff in REAL encyclopedias! What a drag! I've learned so much from Google, including where medical waste goes, how anesthesia works, and the number for centimeters in a mile.

6. Phone numbers. Who needs a phone book anymore? Plus, I can find phone numbers for ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! and the WORLD!

7. E-mail. Another dur. Would not know what to do about bff Alex in India if it weren't for email. Mailing letters takes like weeks and the telephone is too expensive and too much time difference.

8. Skype. AMAZING solution to phone. It's a video phone! and it's FREE! And you can call landlines or cell phones from the Skype for really cheap. It's wondrous. You should get it. Keeps me in touch with my bffs Celeste in Chile and Becca in Scotland! Or, even my roommate in the next room!

9. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). Not so much anymore as I got rid of it, but remember in middle school when you'd just be in AIM for hours and hours until ungodly hours of the AM and then your 'rents would yell at you? AIM got really dramatic there for a while--people would ask each other out and break up over AIM. They would get in friendship-ending blowouts over AIM. AIM was the quickest way to spread a nasty rumor in middle school. Those were the days.

10. Online shopping. Need I say more?

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